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We tailor all training programs to the needs of your company: a short presentation, full-day training, 3 x 4 h - what would be most suitable for you?


Thinking broadly?

Are the key people within your organisation able to think broadly? If you'd like to explore whether a Cogita ample -training would be a good match for the current needs in your company, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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Ms Virve Obolgogiani,, +358 40 7674212

The founder and trainer of the model Cogita ample

Virve Obolgogiani has a long experience in training Finns and Russians to understand each other in cooperation. She has opened the perspectives to see things also from the point of view of the partner. In discussions she noticed that similar methods could be used also in several other situations of building bridges. 
Cogita ample -model includes thoughts for improving activities of organizations, cooperation between units and partners. Think broadly - you understand others better. That is the key to success.

Cogita ample is latin and means "think broadly". Latin, as the language of the ancient world, widens our perspective far to the history. It is easier to understand todays's life, when you also know the history.



"The training also further strengthend the teams's own solution focus. The team has clearly contributed to the positive attitude of doing things together."
- Superior of a team, participating training in 2021

“I received a few really good insights into my own personal work and it also made me think about the productivity of my work and how it could be made more effecient. I also liked the atmosphere - Virve's essence created an easily approachable atmosphere that sparked a good and interesting discussions."
- participant feedback, 2020
"Excellent content to open our eyes to understand firstly our own Finnish culture and then Russian culture, business, habits and reasons behind!"
- participant feedback, 2018

“It is efficient workshop and provides valuable information based on practical experience.”
- participant feedback, 2019

E-book: Think broadly

You can book complimentary e-book (in Finnish only) Think broadly , which raises awareness of the need for and benefits of thinking broadely. Further you will also receive our Newsletter (in Finnish) approximately once a month. We will not send spam.

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